BRAVO & CONTEPOMI is an architecture studio based in Barcelona.

Its creators, Luis Bravo Farré and Gustavo Contepomi, are expert in developing projects for public institutions and have been doing so for many years. These are non-commercial projects and, while requiring strict discipline in their execution, they are ideal for field experimentation and innovation. Also, the academic work that both partners carry out provides a space for theoretical reflection on their own architectural practice, which sees itself benefited by such reflection.

Contepomi & Bravo’s work, seeking flexibility, moves away from formal and preconceived ideas. It always takes into consideration the specific characteristics of each site such as landscape, environment and energetic issues. Also, sensitive, plastic, historic and cultural values of the particular area are emphasized. A good example is the remodeling of the historical district of Santa Caterina, in the Ciutat Vella of Barcelona, a project that illustrates the above-mentioned criteria without renouncing to the most up-to -date architectural language.

Articles and studies about the studio’s production have been published both in books and national and international magazines. Moreover, Bravo & Contepomi has been distinguished for a number of creations from prestigious institutions such as the FAD (most important catalonian architectural award).

Their demonstrated professional solvency in the development of projects and works for the government allows them to respond quickly to any demand, combining the standard of highly flexible architecture with those of meeting strict budget controls and work schedules.



Gustavo Contepomi
Lluis Bravo Farré

Katherine Tamashiro
Karina Casalí
Juan Anselmo Ramírez
Marta Marcet
Josep Ribes, interior designer


General Contractor:
Antoni Ventura i Associats



Joaquim Casals

GEOMED Projectes, S.L.

Valeria De Ormaechea