GISA / 2001-2004
Sant Andreu, Barcelona
The rational and compact design as a whole responds not only to the standard economic and efficiency requirements, but also to the desire of obtaining a quality result in relation to the project's interaction with the environment, generating clear and unified spaces that are well oriented, with distant views and a high level of privacy.

The facade facing south overlooking the garden staggers toward the garden, forming terraces and outdoor spaces integrated into the common services with a design that provides natural lighting and ventilation to the whole of the ground floor.

Also, the challenging orientations (east and west) are avoided, creating in this manner a sufficient level of climate comfort without having to resort to artificial refrigeration systems.

Environmental quality is achieved - privacy, orientation, warmth of materials and ergonomics in the design - in relation to all the rooms of the residence with the outdoor spaces, terraces and garden.

Through the visual continuity and integration that exists between the access to the residence, the day center, the public spaces of the city and the garden, a positive relationship with the life of the neighborhood is generated.

INDE February, 2005
Arquitectura dels Serveis Socials a Catalunya, 2008