SACI / 1992-1995
This is a building with offices for rent and a gas station. From the standpoint of the urban context, the block defined by Almogàvares, Meridiana and Cerdeña streets must be completed with two different structures that allow for different types of constructions and cut off the structure built on the corner, where the gas station is located.

Building a fire resistant cover allows the facade to turn and thus avoids having to treat the sides of the building as blind constructions. Due to this approach, a system of prefabricated steel panels has been used for all the structures of the façade. In this manner, as a whole, the irregularities due to the different heights of each building in the streets are compensated.

Since all the facades are oriented predominantly to the north, the insulation of the panels and the treatment of the glass are enough to provide protection form excessive daylight. Given the optimal sustainability of the project - a standard in our work - we considered that in this case the curtain wall solution is compatible with the possibility of creating openings that will improve the quality of the interior environment as well as allowing for a better energy performance of the building