D. EDUCACIO / 1º stage 1986-1990
2º stage 1991-1992
3º stage 1993-1994
Caldes de Montbui
The project aims to take advantage of the construction of a large complex of educational equipment in order to qualify, structure and cohesion a peripheral area of Caldes de Montbui.

The goal is not only to design a finished structure but also to define the standards, a trace system that later will serve as a guide for the future growth and development of the scheme. In this manner the quality of the architecture, urban planning and visual and contextual integration can be preserved at any time in its future development.

The main floor is structured horizontally in two sections that run almost parallel to both sides of a large courtyard. In the first section, which gives onto the street, are the classrooms and the administration; in the second section we can find the gym, maintenance areas and the bar with its expanding terraces open southward and toward the sports areas. These two bodies are connected by a ramp attached to a large white wall that divides the yard into two areas of very different character: a large space open toward the town and a private garden with trees and water oriented toward the river. In front of this space is the library, the sand-out piece of the structure as a whole.

Through the visual continuity and integration that exists between the access to the residence, the day center, the city public space and the garden, we are able to obtain a balanced relationship with the life of the neighborhood.

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