GISA / 2000-2003
Pallejà, Barcelona
The project seeks to establish a dialogue with the place, adapting the program to its physical characteristics. The lot’s remarkable scenery has the potential to enhance the living, functional and plastic qualities of the building.

The program focuses on an elongated prismatic structure located on the solar in a North-South direction, in order to respect as much as possible the natural topography of the terrain.

This structure -administration and classrooms- divides the area into two distinct spaces: to the West, the terrain rises gently, preserving the best trees and creating a natural wildlife area. To the east, we find a great esplanade where the sports area and the bar with its expanding terrace -which is separated from a classroom area in order to create a patio strip - are located. Also, the patio strip garden, a quiet and tranquil environment, acts as a filter between the classroom and the open sport areas.

The library is linked with the main structure, reinforcing in this manner the uniqueness created by being in direct contact with the plant life and wooded surroundings.

At all times an excellent relationship with the outside is achieved from different parts of the building, taking advantage of the excellent views in all directions.

1+1 – 1ª Trienal d’Arquitectura del Baix Llobregat
Summa+ nº59