GISA / 2002-2007

BRAVO & CONTEPOMI, architects + LAVIÑA / DE LA VILLA / LAVIÑA architects
Sabadell, Barcelona
The institutional character of the Autonomous Police headquarters called for a very specific proposal in which its representative image was prioritized. At the same time it responded to the demands of their high-security functions, ensuring in this way full operability, especially in any crisis situation.

The need to deeply strengthen the structure of the building, in order to have it withstand possible earthquakes, was resolved by opting for a mixed solution. In the interior, elements were reinforced without affecting the functional freedom and flexibility of the various plants. Outside, a number of structural elements attached to the facade became the main argument of its compositional theme.

The curtain wall, which allows for the maximum use of natural light and visual enjoyment of the site, is climatically protected by a powerful double skin extruded aluminum slats arranged in a rich fabric of different metal textures. These slats enhance the volumetric horizontality and provide the building with an unambiguous modern nature.

The rear facade is covered by a micro-perforated aluminum filter, which, next to the white concrete sides completed in the second phase of its development, accentuate through its contrast, the strong expressive force of the main facade