GISA / 2006-2009
Flix, Tarragona
The project is developed based on a priority: the urban and topographic layout of the site, the existing vegetation and the views over the River. The goal is to create an optimal spatial and physical relationship between the existing building, which is to be rehabilitated, and the new volumetry. Also important is to create a balanced natural light in all rooms by distributing the new volumes in a series of landscaped outdoor spaces with different characteristics according to the uses to which they are intended.

The historical and emblematic character of the existing building will be emphasized in a manner that will allow for the creation of a reception area, realizing direction tasks as well as the common day center activities. At the same time, a new building has been created in which the residential program will be developed in full.

With regards to the outdoor spaces, the existing vegetation is maintained, complemented and maximized so that the views can be enjoyed from the terraces arranged at all levels

“Arquitectura dels Serveis Socials a Catalunya, 2008”