D. EDUCACIO / 1º stage 1991-1992
2º stage 1994-1996
Terrassa, Barcelona
The rehabilitation and refurbishment of Vapor Marcet and its urban setting in downtown Terrassa emerged as the first stage of the recovery process of a large area of the city, occupied in the past by old industrial plants.

The interiors of the Vapor were emptied to keep the full expressive structures of the buildings and their carapaces. Classrooms and work areas were built in the empty plants. Volumes with unique pieces of geometry and surface treatment were introduced along with bright colors that contrasted with the original brick walls.

The difference between the areas allocated exclusively to the school program and the areas for possible external use (sports areas, event halls or library) were enhanced by the opening of a walkway, which also provides order to the main entrance.

Both the exterior structure of the lift and a long ramp function as the hinge that articulates the old building with the sports hall, the modern wood and concrete volumetry that houses the management and administrative offices and the controlled spaces for younger children.

INDE February 2005
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