CAT SALUT / 1990-1992
Prat de Llobregat. Barcelona
The urban integration analysis of the existing building revealed the need for an expansion and rehabilitation that would change its relationship with the city. This was achieved by dramatically reversing its disposition with respect to the "September 11" plaza, designing thus a new and more appropriate space.

As a part of the new approach a triple-height lobby was created, integrating in this way the vertical movement of the building to direct its gaze toward the plaza in a symbiosis of qualification and empowerment between the new building and the urban space.

The use of large strips of aluminum in the south side facade allows for greater visual comfort of the interior spaces.

This solution contrasts visually with a big white wall that enhances the lightness and transparency of the enlargement and energizes the intervention realized in the north side facade.

Quaderns nº201