DGSS+AyBCN / 2007
Ciutat Vella, Barcelona
The project is conceived as an opportunity to advance in the restructuring of the public spaces of a part of Ciutat Vella.

The concentration of numerous public buildings in the immediate surroundings generates a chain of small open spaces interspersed in the urban residential area, providing air, sunlight and space.

The work is approached as a limited intervention in the process of urban transformation in this part of the city. The building is thought of as an additional element in the web that is integrated in an extensive system of streams and outdoor spaces with distinct characters and potential uses.

Our purpose is to move the structure as its height increases and finally aligning it with L'Om Street. In this manner the structure moves away from the facades of the existing housing and preserves the neighbors privacy. On the other hand, the landscaped public space is unified between the facades of the new building and the facades of the existing housing.